Semi-Rigid Penile implants

The semi-rigid penile implant consists of two rods that are surgically implanted inside the penis.
Depending on the manufacturer, the rods have an outer coating of silicone, high-density plastic or polyethylene, with a series of positionable segments, along with a metal core. These segments allow for more flexibility of movement. There might be minor differences depending upon the manufacturer, but are functionally similar.
The result of this type of penile implant is a permanent erection that can be re-positioned as required. During sexual activity, the penis is straightened, afterwards it can be bent downwards close to the body for concealment.
Benefits of the Semi-Rigid Malleable Penile Implant includes simplicity of the surgery, outpatient surgery, cost and the simplicity of usage because it has no mechanical parts. Another advantage is that you can achieve errection spontaneously because there is no waiting period for the reservoir to fill up.

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