Medical tourism or unnecessary risk taking?

We have talked enough about the role and benefits of medical tourism. We have also cautioned about the consequences of recklessness by the patients in the pursuit of finding that best deal surgery. In my professional experience, I have seen many clients complaining about the price of the JCI accredited hospital vs that medical facility just across the border. Many times, I find myself amused and feeling sorry for the patient, when my marketing guys bring up the issue. I have some times called the cheap surgery patient and asked them the name of the hospital. Many prospective patients don’t even know the name of the hospital. In few instances, I can’t even find that hospital (if you can call that) on the Internet. Some times, I insist on getting to the bottom of that information. Often, the receptionist can’t speak English, they would scramble around to find that English speaking person after 10-15 painful minutes, I will be granted the opportunity to speak to that “marketing executive”. When I politely ask her about the size of their hospital it is generally less than 10 beds. When I ask them about complications, the standard answer is “We don’t generally see complications in our hospital”  Really… Give me a break.




I understand that we are in tough economic times and money is in short supply. But still it is too much risk to take. Just 1% increase in the surgical infection rate is normally enough to wipe off all potential savings. We realize that some patients are OK. But don’t we go by statistics in medical profession? How can we prevent these snake oil traders from destroying more lives? We can’t blame them alone. They can’t obviously force the patients to have surgery without their consent..

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President of World Medical and Surgical LLC. An American Health Care professional with extensive exposure in international medical system. The customer service is #1 priority and our goal is to to make this company as the only medical tourism company you will ever need. We hold ourselves to the highest ethics in this unregulated market and we deliver the best combination of value, quality and safety for our medical tourism patients.
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