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We are a medical tourism company managed by experienced American health care professionals. Having a surgery abroad is a major decision. Many medical travel facilitators are not aware of complexities in medical travel and global healthcare. For example, medical tourism India is more than just cost and procedure. A medical travel company offering medical tourism services should be run by personnel experienced in global healthcare and the effects on medical travel. Unfortunately, a typical medical travel company does not  employ experts. They usually employ just skilled sales people. Do you really think such medical travel company can really meet your health tourism and medical travel needs?

In contrast, we are a company owned by American health care professionals. More importantly, we don’t cut corners in terms of quality. We exclusively deal with JCI accredited hospitals or those that have its strict international equivalents. Our JCI accredited hospitals usually have dedicated international patient departments. We have great contacts with the top management in the hospitals we deal with. We will help you with every step in the process. Our founders have strong family and business in most of these medical destinations. Our strength includes the rich experience in various health care fields.

We are truly a World class organization and a global healthcare company. We provide medical tourism services to clients from Americas, Europe, Africa and Middle East. In case if you have not noticed, we only deal with very well established Hospitals. We would like to keep the process transparent. So, we have provided the major price list and anticipated days of hospital stay for each procedure. The best service is our motto. We take great pride in our value system. Not surprisingly, people trust us -World Medical and Surgical LLC., throughout the world.

The Right Balance between Quality and Cost

The main goal of medical tourism is to find best quality care at lowest possible cost. Many medical tourism companies deal with hospitals regardless of their quality. But, we only deal with the highest quality hospitals- JCI or its strict equivalents. Also, we don’t tie up with every country in the world. Also, we hand pick areas known for safety and quality in health tourism. For example, in medical tourism India, you will see that we have selected some of the safest areas known. We carefully balance quality, value and safety along with the skill levels and track record of the hospitals. We will eliminate all the stress and uncertainty out of your medical travel, so- you can enjoy the process in a worry free environment.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

We can even help you to get necessary finances in order. Many people don’t have necessary funds to pay for medical surgery and expenses incurred in the process of obtaining medical tourism services. We can help you to get medical loans in USA. We are also working with prospective financing institutions in Africa, Middle East and Europe. We know that many patients in Africa and many other countries depend on charities and fundraisers to help pay for the medical tourism India and other destinations. We can also help you to raise funds in your local community for your medical travel.